Creating Brand Awareness

We recently got asked to bring a brand awareness campaign to life.

The challenge – 100 stores, 100 brand ambassadors and 1 weekend to do it in.

Of course we did it.

We have some challenges, not least 7 days notice as well as contacting 100 amazing professional promotional staff across the UK, literally from Scotland to the ‘deep South West’.

What an amazing campaign though. An amazing way of bringing brand awareness to consumers, with a direct and simple message about the product, its benefits and a ‘gift’ with something off the price.

Reaching thousands of people with ‘in the moment’ engagement, really benefits bringing brand awareness.

It is a fantastic way of letting consumers know where to buy a product, be it on line, in store or both!

You also get the opportunity for insights from consumers; they’re thoughts on flavours, colour, texture, price etc. plus the data capture to keep in touch with them, supporting your relationship building.

Retail is having a very hard time at the moment, therefore the brands in store get the knock on effect. Stand out from the crowd, let people know you are there, where to find you and what you are about. It’s Promotional can help any business, big or small in promoting brand awareness, new product launches, service changes etc. is my email address and always happy to chat or nip for a coffee.