Door to Door (door drops) – Getting it right!

We hear lots about door drop leafleting, when prospecting for new business.

Questions are often – “do you pass it on to a third party”, “how do you know all the leaflets will get delivered”, “do you know the area”, “will the leaflets get dumped” etc.

The science behind ensuring we are successful at door to door leafleting, keeping our integrity is simple – we do our home work.

We use the Royal Mail PAF (Postal Address File) system to ensure we get the right area, right demographic, right streets! Its as up to date as you can get!

We analyse the route needed for efficient delivery including replenish points for the team. This also allows us to understand how many people we will need for the task. (not every area is the same, longer driveways, rural, urban, apartments etc.).

Recruiting the right team is as important as the analysis. We use preferred staff first and foremost and if needed, recruit people using the best recruitment sites available, using local people. Our talent team vet the individuals, from seeing driving licences to passports, national insurance numbers and references / experience.

Our Campaign Field Management team are also hands on, ensuring everyone has the right information, maps, expectations and spot check the team door dropping.

Your door drop is important to you so its important to us!